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Choosing a Hapkido School

There are four aspects to consider before one begins to train in Hapkido.

  1. Hapkido is for mental, physical and medical purposes. While training, one should perceive the technique and its purpose.
  2. Hapkido is for self defence. Techniques are a combination of the �hard� and �soft�.
  3. Hapkido is not only a means of self defence � it also carries with it a whole tradition bound in history.
  4. Circle, flow, and harmony: these form the essence of Hapkido. One circular technique should flow into the other, in harmony with the energy of the opponent. Evaluate the techniques taught for practicality. If the motion stops or is mechanical in nature, the technique will most likely not be applicable in a combat situation. Such techniques are not considered Hapkido.

There are several Hapkido schools in the Toronto area and finding a good and authentic one may be challenging. While we believe that Eagle Hapkido preserves the principles and traditions of the art to the highest standard, you may not be able to make it to the location. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the instructor or instructors of the school you choose understands these four aspects.

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