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Toronto Hapkido and Martial Arts School

Eagle Hapkido Academy is a Toronto martial arts school specializing in the art of Hapkido.

If you're interested in learning Hapkido in Toronto please drop by our school or contact us for more information on our classes and schedule.

Toronto Hapkido

Toronto Hapkido classes are taught by Grandmaster Hwang In Shik. Hapkido is a complete art form comprising both hard and soft techniques, joint locks, muscle tearing, pressure point attacks and internal ki (chi) training for power and healing.

This site provides information on hapkido and martial arts in general. Please feel free to browse the site or come down to our location to watch a class.

Martial Arts Affiliations

Please note that Master Hwang or the Eagle Hapkido school do not have any affiliations or branches in Toronto other than the Danforth School location. Nor does Master Hwang endorse any other Hapkido teacher in the GTA.


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