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The Young Master

Year: 1980

Cast: Hwang In Shik, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Shih Kien, Lily Li Li-Li, Wai Pak, Fan Mei-Sheng, Lee Hoi-Sang, Tai Bo, Paul Wong-Kwun, Tin Fung


This 1980 Hong Kong hit broke all-time box office records at the time of its release.

It pits Master Hwang against Jackie Chan. Master Hwang plays a notorious criminal that must be brought to justice. The ending fight scene showcases Master Hwang's abilities and even though it's obviously enhanced for the movies, his students will undoubtedly recognize some of the moves they learn in class.

Contrary to popular belief, the fighting sequences and techniques master Hwang Uses are Hapkido and not Kung Fu.

In this movie you can watch Master Hwang battle it out with Jackie Chan during the long fighting sequence. We've included a few clips for you in the gallery.


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Hwang In Shik and Jackie Chan in Young Master