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Hapkido in Korean

The Young Master

Year: 1980


Hwang In Shik, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Shih Kien, Lily Li Li-Li, Wai Pak, Fan Mei-Sheng, Lee Hoi-Sang, Tai Bo, Paul Wong-Kwun, Tin Fung


This is a clip from The Young Master with Jackie Chan produced in 1980. It's provided in the original Cantonese version and with many of the cut sequences left in.

Before you run to the contact us page. No. Master Hwang does not speak Cantonese. During his time in Hong Kong he was dubbed for all the Cantonese roles.

So are all those cool moves Kung Fu? I thought Master Hwang did Hapkido. Once again, no. That is Hapkido. During those times, Kung Fu became very popular and the movie studios capitalized on the ignorance of the general public.